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24 Hour Live Stream Starts Tomorrow At 9AM Eastern!

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We are doing a fundraiser to get the annual dues for keeping GH101 up and running!  As a result we’re going to be throwing Fred (and a few choice guests) into a stream for 24 straight hours from 9am Eastern tomorrow (2/27) until 9am Sunday (2/28) at  In return all we ask is if you are willing to contribute, simply click on the link over on the right side that says “Click here to help us out!” just above the subscribe button.  If you’re trying to plan your day, here’s a tease of some of the content that will be present (please note this is not a complete list, all times in Eastern Standard Time or GMT -5):

9am-11am: Wonderboy (Sega Master System)
11am-1pm: Jurassic Park Block (includes Genesis and SNES plus more)
1pm-3pm: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (All Ghillied Up mission)
3pm-5pm: Bushido Blade (PS1)
5pm-7pm: Wrestling Campaigns (includes No Mercy on N64)
7pm-9pm: Star Wars Block (includes Republic Commando on Xbox)
9pm-11pm: SNES block (includes Super Mario Kart)
11pm-1am: PC Block (includes Leisure Suit Larry…yes the original)
1am-3am: Shmup Block (includes Sexy Parodius)
3am-5am: Matthew McConaughey hour with Donkey Kong Bongos + ???
5am-9am: 4 Hour Marathon of Mystery Game on Playstation 2

Written by Fred Rojas

February 26, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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