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New Monster Boy in Development


It finally happened and I couldn’t be happier. A spiritual successor to the Wonder Boy games is in the works, let the fireworks fly people. Just after Fred and I did our top 10 Mega Drive/Genesis games, I strolled along to my local newsagent to pick up the latest copy of Retro Gamer magazine followed by a coffee. One sitting down to enjoy my fine beverage I almost spat out my drink in disbelief when the first article I see is interview with the publisher about a game called Monster Boy.

Though the title in my opinion is disappointing. I was hoping they would just drop the “boy” part as the last released game in the franchise, Monster World IV (released in 1994) featured a female protagonist. Of course SEGA still owns the license to the Wonder Boy and Monster World series much like many of their franchises they refuse to do anything with these days so a title change was expected. Monster Boy is currently in development by Game Atelier and has the blessing from the original creator of the series Ryuichi Nishizawa (would need Fred to help me pronounce that one).  Looking at screenshots this game looks incredibly similar to Wonder Boy in Monster World on the Mega Drive/ Genesis. The main protagonist has that same blue hair and armor even the monsters look similar. The game will apparently feature transformations which were used in Wonder Boy III and the Dragons Trap on Master System. But so far it looks like the developers want to maintain the spirit of the series, a nice simple 2D adventure game with basic upgrade system.

It has not been announced which platforms this game will be coming to or even when the game will be released. What I can say is I will in day one for this game. The Monster World Collection is available on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii virtual console. I highly recommend picking this up and experiencing the series for yourself. Its one of those long forgotten franchises that really never seemed to get the attention it deserved. Here is hoping Monster Boy brings a new audience to the series. Just wish they went for a better title Monster Universe?, Wonder Girl? Monster Adventure? I guess it is hard to come up with a better title.

Written by jamalais

April 3, 2015 at 5:07 pm

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