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Authors notes

I wrote a article for GH101 to celebrate the 100th episode last year. However, I decided not to post it because I felt it didn’t really fit in with the site.  After receiving a very touching e mail from a fan of GH101 I’ve changed my mind. It’s important to stand by your passions and I love writing, talking rubbish and being part of GH101 and this article is very much a tribute to that. Of course this is written in the past tense so take the content for what it is. Thank you.

Original article

On the 22nd of July Gaming History 101 is going to hit the milestone of 100 episodes which is a fantastic achievement. I thought I would share some of my memories listening to the podcast as well as becoming a co–presenter (co-host).

The route to G101

ffviiA couple of years ago I had taking up a job in Cambridge (a well known town in England) and commuted everyday from the outskirts of London. I was probably travelling around four hours a day either by foot, bike or train. Of course I was very much into gaming on the handheld, this was the perfect opportunity to play RPGs like Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP. But I often returned to my personal favourites, the Resident Evil games to see if I could complete them in a single day. I also read books, caught up on work on my Netbook, but I needed something else to fill this incredibly long void.

I was a big fan of YouTube and one evening I was watching a random video from YouTuber “PeteDorr,” who announced he was doing a podcast with some other members of the community called “AllGenGamers” and that it could be heard on itunes. I downloaded it to my ipod and its safe to say I became pretty hooked on gaming podcasts from then on. Since I traveled so far I listened to several podcasts including IGN UK and US, Giant Bomb, and Joystiq. I would also throw in non gaming podcasts as well like Hamish and Andy and Radio 4 film podcast.

Through “AllGenGamers” I heard another YouTuber called “Jumble Junkie” who announced he had his own podcast called Operation Kill Screen which I listened to since I quite enjoyed listening to the gamer’s opinions on news stories and games. You would be surprised how different they were from the mainstream website podcasts. It wasn’t long until I heard a plug for a little known podcast called Video Game Outsiders (VGO), and that is how I came to know since VGO was on so late in the UK I could never listen live. So I continued on itunes and with my long commute.

Soon after that I heard a guy called Chip Cella aka “Captain Chaos” who had his own podcast called the B–Team. So I listened to this show also on and I heard some funny fella with a interesting surname called Fred Rojas, with his enthusiastic golden voice made for radio, he mentioned he had his own show called Gaming History 101. I jumped on this show as from my experience there was no other podcast that really covered old games in a interesting way.

Obscure_coverThe first episode of Gaming History 101 I ever listened to was Obscure survival horror games. In this show Fred was a solo presenter and discussed some not so well know survival horror games like Obscure on the Original Xbox, Enemy Zero on the Saturn, and Overblood on PSone [I also covered Rule of Rose on the PS2 – Fred]. This show was right up my alley as survival horror is one of my favourite genres in gaming. I’m so sad I still have this podcast on my ipod as well as several episodes of GH101 which I listen to when I’m bored or going on a crazy long journey.

It’s also worth mentioning GH101 also introduced me to yet more great podcasts like 42 Level One, EZ Mode Unlocked, and recently Horseplay Live! and Pixelated Pints (Fred’s third podcast).

When Being a Fanboy Wasn’t Enough

Eventually it got to the point where I started writing in to Fred’s show on GH101. I wrote messages through his website most of the time it was to nit pick. After all that’s what we do as retro gamers, we correct people when they make mistakes. One of my favourite nit pick episodes by far was for Silent Hill 2. Fred did a solo game club on the show which received a lot of listener comments. I was going to jump on the band wagon but I think its fair to say poor Fred had well and truly learned that Silent Hill fans are hard people to please. Instead I had to praise the guy after all most of his shows are solo and it is hard to carry out a podcast by yourself and still make it sound interesting. I know this from experience as I presented my own radio show at University.

Eventually I wrote into Fred with some show requests specifically Silent Hill and Resident Evil. To my surprise Fred just flat out invited me on the show. My first appearance on the show was Silent Evil. It was Fred, myself, and guest Allen Epstein, a very nice guy with extensive knowledge on the Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. We initially meant to cover most of each games from the series but instead we ended up only covering the first game in each series and a little on the second game. Since this podcast we have done a follow up episode but we are still quite far from discussing all the games in both series.


At this stage I was now living somewhere new and had a new job so no more ridiculously long journeys. So I was able to listen to the show live and actually join in the live chat on all games. I had also decided to start writing articles on gaming which I was doing for a website, a website that is very useful for retro game news.

Time passed I made occasional guest appearances on the show still and made comments in the live chat. Eventually, I guess Fred got fed up with my nit picking and decided why not bring this annoying English person on the show all the time. And I’ve been a co-host ever since.

Best Parts

taito_postSome of my favourite podcasts that I have been on so far include the Taito episode as I share a lot of nostalgia for this company. The majority of the games I played when messing around on my parents Amstrad CPC were Taito games including New Zealand Story and a game that would later become my favourite game of all time Rainbow Islands. The Guardian Heroes game club was memorable because I had been waiting on this episode for ages and Fred originally cancelled it, I remember putting in all the preparation for the podcast only to hear Fred say he was no longer doing game club episodes. Fortunately, that didn’t stick and they returned. Game Club episodes to me are great because they usually encourage me to play games I would generally overlook. Of course one of my favourite episodes is Silent Evil because it was my first, you never forget your first.

Some of my favourite episodes I have not been on include the Sonic podcasts with Ali and Andy from 42 Level One mostly because it was fun hearing the two Scots defend the blue hedgehog on a two-part episode. The Metal Gear podcast with TreesLounge which to this day is the most downloaded episode of the show of all time. One of my favourite game club episodes by far was Blue Stinger on Dreamcast. This show also featured TreesLounge and was one of the the most bizarre games I had played to this point on a Game Club and would probably have never touched it had it not been for the podcast. You will never again come across a survival horror game set during Christmas (with Christmas music as well) in place called Dinosaur Island and has no Dinosaurs in it. It’s fantastic.


Before I finish I wanted to say thanks to all out listeners especially for allowing me to be a co-host, it really is a dream come true for me. I have been out of the radio gig for quite a long time and its been great to come back to it. It’s been amazing meeting so many nice people from other podcasts and of course interacting with the fans.

Finally I just want to say thank you Mr Fred Rojas for Gaming History 101.

Lets raise a glass, take a shot, whatever your into and here’s to another 100 episodes.

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January 22, 2015 at 12:48 pm

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