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New Retro Arcade, The Emulator Frontend We Wanted Game Room To Be

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A new development has come from the folks at Digital Cyber Cherries called New Retro Arcade that utilizes Unreal Engine 4 and a bunch of assets to simulate an actual arcade for your MAME emulation.  This program is what we all probably hoped the Xbox 360’s Game Room was going to be but never was.  You can browse your arcade, complete with random lights, sounds, and crazy carpeting, and play whatever you like.  Built into the program are random arcade activities like darts and bowling, but the real draw is picking up that SNES controller, Gameboy sitting about, or walking up an arcade cabinet and playing the game.  You can see in the video below that of the authenticity retained by this program, scanlines and rounded edges are a welcome part of it.  The demo has it running on a GTX 780 TI, but it clearly doesn’t seem to need that power, however the average Windows XP MAME machine is probably not going to have the chops to run it.  It’s a good start, but I’m going to want to test it myself and I can’t see it replacing my MAME machine as my go-to for arcade emulation, but if I get some sort of VR helmet in the future it does appear be an enticing recreation.  Clicking on the company name above will take you to the site to get this free download.


Written by Fred Rojas

March 18, 2015 at 10:27 am

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