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Atari claims Copyright on TxK

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Rather than spend time developing new and exciting games Atari has decided to threaten British veteran game developer Jeff Minter with copyright claim. They claim the vita game TxK is too similar to the old school Tempest series and has demanded Minter remove the game for sale. There is no denying that TxK is very much a spiritual successor to the Tempest series. In fact Jess Minter actually developed Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar.  Minter has stated that he has been having problems with Atari behind the scenes for several months and even offered to develop a sequel to the Tempest series with the company but they have denied him the luxury. Instead just threatening more legal again to Minter who claims he lacks the funds to take the case to court.

With all this friction its no surprise Minter has been forced to postpone the release of TxK on PS4 and IOS devices. I own the game on Vita myself and have thoroughly enjoyed the title. It’s a fantastic score-grinding arcade game that clearly burrows a lot from Tempest but does bring some fresh new ideas to the series. This sort of stories always irritate me because it is not like Atari is doing anything with the Tempest IP any more. Who knows maybe Ataris supposed reboot of the 80s Asteroids will rip off another game and give the company a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately that is the world we live in. Atari has quite the track record of threatening legal action against several games in the arcade era of the 80s such as Meteors by Amusement World which Atari claimed copied Asteroids. They should of taken Minter up on his offer to cut a deal and allow him to reboot the Tempest series after all Atari can do with all the money they can get.

So why you have the chance guys go download TxK for your Vita now. It’s a wonderful love letter to old arcade games with a killer soundtrack to go along with it. Grab it before its gone.

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March 19, 2015 at 4:25 pm

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