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Dragon Force II English Fan Translation Releases

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After nearly eight years of development (Verve Fanworks originally started the translation in 2007), anyone with a copy of Dragon Force II can now play the game fully translated in English (although still with Japanese voice dub) on an emulator or modded Sega Saturn.  If you head on over to Verve Fanworks site, you will find the handful of different patches depending on the version of the disc you own and instructions on how to patch and integrate into emulators.

Aside from being the chaotic band noodling Through the Fire and Flames, Dragon Force is not just a rock band but also a cult favorite Sega Saturn title.  Translated and released in the US and UK by Working Designs, this real-time strategy tactics title was beloved by a limited scope of fans.  Needless to say when the sequel, Dragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi ni only released in Japan and was apparently an updated and impressive sequel to couple the impressive storyline of the first, English speakers were crushed.

As a gamer with a modded Saturn, I am tempted although I have never played or owned the original game (which is going for quite a chunk of change on eBay) but both games are around $20 for the Japanese versions so it’s tempting.  Either way, if you want to enjoy this title just follow the link mentioned above.

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April 6, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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