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Retro RGB Fully Reviewed the Mega SD (Flash Cart with Sega CD ISO Support) – All Your Questions Answered

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When you deal with the retro community there can be an overbearing attention to detail that is discouraging to many.  From time to time a product comes out that just works because the creators took the time to do it right and it appears Terra Onion, the makers behind the Mega SD, have done just that.  Previously the company made the Super SSD3, a flash cart with CD game support and RGB output for the PC-Engine and Turbografx-16, and now they’re back again with one of the most requested flash cart features of all time: Sega CD game support.  This device can plug into any Sega Genesis (Gen) or Mega Drive (MD) and play Gen/MD, Master System (SMS), and Sega CD (SCD) titles right out of the box.  If you have a 32X you can also play those titles with this flash cart, assuming it’s attached (but you’ll have to remove the 32X when you want to play SCD or SMS titles).  The only downfall is a separate adapter will be required if you want to play the 6 32X CD titles, all of which have Sega CD versions as well (so you aren’t losing any library without it).

A product like this, like all flash cart solutions, comes with a price tag and the approx. $260 (€230) plus shipping may be discouraging for some.  The excellent video from Bob at Retro RGB should assist with informing you on whether or not this is right for you.  He goes into the problems with SCD actual hardware, the quality of the Mega SD in practice, the robust feature set, and why you may or may not want this item.  It’s only touched on, but Bob makes a point to mention that voltage is correct so none of the fears of damaging flash carts trying to do too much and that sound playback was tested and approved by FireBrandX.  He is one of the leading authorities on audio playback in the retro scene and he designed the audio fix chip that I put  in my SSD3 to correct issues with that product.  Rest assured his approval means you’re safe from a quality and playback perspective.  Anyway, Bob has done a great job and it’s an interesting watch regardless.  Enjoy!

Written by Fred Rojas

June 21, 2019 at 11:00 am

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