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Fred’s Tech Corner: My Arcade 1up Raspberry Pi Cabinet

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I converted my Arcade 1up Street Fighter cabinet to a Raspberry Pi arcade machine using ETA Prime’s tutorial as a starting point (links at the bottom). I replaced the joystick as per his tutorial, which required very basic drilling, but kept the existing buttons because I liked them. I did buy a kit with replacement buttons in case maintenance was needed. I used the LCD Control Module that ETA prime mentions as well as the USB control modules he has in his videos (came with my joysticks/buttons as part of a $40 complete kit).

I voice displeasure with Arcade 1up’s customer support, which I still stand by, but I am happy to report that this week I did receive a replacement bezel out of nowhere with no notification. With this new replacement bezel all is well, clean, and scratch free. So prepare for a long wait (2 1/2 months in my case) but your replacements *should* hopefully show up.

The settings I use for the Pi are largely covered in my previous setup video. I did figure out Neo Geo, which is working in this demonstration. As I indicate, configuration is a big part of this project and there were far too many tweaks to get into here. My advice: know that setting up the pi, resolutions, sound, and controls are going to be a taxing part of this process that may take a long time. Make sure you have decent knowledge of the Pi if you plan to embark on this venture.  Read on for a price breakdown and links.

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Written by Fred Rojas

February 19, 2019 at 11:00 am

Fred’s Tech Corner: 3DO USB Host Controller Installation and Setup

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Fred recently purchased the USB Host Controller by Mnemo to replace his 3DO’s CD-ROM drive with a USB reader to run games. This video demonstrates how to install, set up, and run games on an FZ-1 (tray loader). The FZ-1 is a solderless solution, for the FZ-10 you will need good soldering skills. Please see below for links mentioned in the video and for the FAQ, which I ask that you read before asking questions. This was not a “review copy” nor was it given for free, this was purchased by me at full price. I have no affiliation with Mnemo and receive no kickbacks from these links. Thanks for watching.

3DO Host Controller site for ordering and getting the BIOS and NVRAM files:

Official Web Site for ImgBurn so you can rip your games to ISO format:

Official Web Site for WinISO to convert your games from other image files (like bin/cue) to ISO for use in this device:

FAQ regarding the device and compatibility:

Written by Fred Rojas

December 18, 2018 at 11:00 am