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Metal Gear Solid

mgs_boxOriginal Platform: Sony Playstation
Released: 1998
Ports: Gamecube (enhanced remake entitled Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Digital Release/Re-Release: Yes, on PSN for $5.99 in all regions
Series/Sequels: Metal Gear Solid
Approx Value (according to Price Charting): $7.49 (L), $14.99 (CIB), $118.31 (S)

Secrets and Unlockables


  • Camera: Complete the game after submitting to Ocelot’s torture and start a new game.
  • Demo Theater: Complete the game.  All demos are unlocked after completing the game with both endings.
  • Extreme Mode: Complete the game.
  • Fight Red Ninja: Beat the game twice with 100 percent.
  • Gun Shooting Mode:  Complete both Training Mode (already unlocked) and Time Attack Mode (unlockable, see below).
  • Different End Theme: There are two different ones.  One you get by beating the game with the tuxedo (unlockable, see below) and the other for beating the game 3 times on the same save file.
  • Infinite Ammo: Awarded if you get the Meryl ending (see below).  She will give you her bandanna, equip it for unlimited ammo.
  • Stealth Suit: Awarded if you get the Otocan ending (see below).  He will give you the stealth suit, which you can then equip in a new game to be invisible to most guards (wolves and cutscenes still trigger).
  • Survival Mode: Complete Gun Shooting Mode in VR Training (see above for how to unlock Gun Shooting Mode).
  • Tech Demo Mode: Complete Survival Mode in VR Training (see above). 
  • Time Attack Mode: Complete VR Training Mode (unlocked at the start).
  • Tuxedo: Complete the game twice with both endings (see below) and keep the completion saves on the same slot.


  • There are two in Metal Gear Solid: Otocan’s and Meryl’s endings.  Which you get depends on if you submit to Ocelot’s torture (Otocan) or not (Meryl).  The Meryl ending is considered the good ending.

Easter Eggs

  • 4th Wall Breaking: It is recommended you play with a dual shock controller on either PS1, PS2, or PS3 to have several 4th wall breaking effects throughout gameplay.  You will have no effect or on-screen prompts if playing on PSP or Vita as they have no vibration capabilities.  It is unknown the effect on Playstation TV
  • Change Title Screen Colors: Pushing different directions on the d-pad during the title screen will shift the colors.
  • Mei Ling Silence: If you contact Mei Ling enough times (5-8) without saving she will refuse to talk to you (but you can still save).
  • Ghost Kojima: Unlock the camera (see above), then after you defeat the ninja take a picture of the orange bots in Otocan’s lab.  Load the pic to see a ghost Hideo Kojima.
  • Minefield Madness: Instead of dodging mines you can slowly crawl over them to not only avoid damage, but also to get a claymore in the process.
  • Ultimate Box: To make the ultimate cardboard box, punch Meryl in the cave area with the wolves and quickly equip a cardboard box.  If you do the wolf will pee on the box and that box is now invisible to wolves.
  • Psycho Mantis Fun: Psycho Mantis loves to mock and mess with your head, here are several ways to get different messages and trick him instead.
    • Save less than 3 times before the fight.
    • Save a bunch of times before the fight.
    • Have a save of Symphony of the Night on your memory card at the fight.
    • Have a save of Policenauts on your memory card at the fight. Kojima will deliver the message instead.
    • Have a save of Suikoden on your memory card at the fight.
    • Easy Mode: When “HIDEO” appears on the screen during the fight, swap the controller to port 2 (this can even be done on PSP and Vita through the settings screen) and he will not be able to detect your movements.


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Written by Fred Rojas

August 18, 2015 at 11:19 am

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