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Side Quests

Pre-Swamp Area

  • Paper Toilet:  Mysterious arm in the toilet needs paper in Stock Pot Inn (East Clock Town) after midnight on days 1 and 2.  To get this, grab a moon tear (observatory), trade it for the title deed with the business scrub in East Clock Town, use that flower to get to the upper balcony of Stock Pot Inn and get in after 8:30 PM.  Give him the deed and get a heart piece.
  • Adult Wallet: Deposit more than 200 rupees to get the adult wallet, which allows you to hold 200 instead of the standard 99.
  • Bomber’s Mask: At midnight on Day 1 (technically day 2), if you are in North Clock Town, the Old Lady will enter and get robbed by Sakon.  If you slash him before he gets away he will drop her bag and you will get the Bomber’s Mask.  Also she tells you that if you go see her in the morning you can purchase the big bomb bag (holds 30 bombs) from her at the bomb shop starting the morning of Day 2 (always available after the quest is complete in 3DS version).
  • Kamaro’s Mask: This is just a spirit dancing mask that you use to get a piece of heart.  First, go out to Termina Field from North Clock Tower and head west along the side of the railing to the upper area, you will see Kamaro dancing on one of the large mushrooms between 12-6 am.  Jump over the railing and onto the mushroom, play the song of healing, and hear of his untimely death before passing on his dance and get his mask.
  • Rosa Sisters: Speak with them near the Stock Pot Inn during the day to find they need new dance moves.  Then visit them in West Clock Tower on nights 1 or 2 to find them practicing.  Put on Kamaro’s mask and show them your stuff.  They will give you a piece of heart.
  • Guru-Guru (Breman Mask): During Nights 1 and 2 in the Laundry Pool, you will meet up with Guru-Guru who is playing his music constantly.  It appears he was kicked out of the inn because his bandmates in the Gorman Troupe couldn’t get sleep.  He tells you a tale of stealing a dog’s mask from a rival troupe due to the dog’s incredible talent.  It was long ago and he no longer needs it so he gives you the Breman Mask, which allows you to parade animals around.  This can be used at the cuckoo farm later.
  • Mighty Training Center (Swordman’s School): Found in West Clock Town.  You can pay a rupee to basically get a combat tutorial or pay 20 to take the test.  The test requires you to hit 10 targets with jump attacks (gives 3 points instead of 2).  If you get a perfect (30 points) you’ll get a piece of heart.
  • Holes in Termina Field: You can tackle two dodongos in North Termina to get a piece of heart as well as a peahat in the south by milk road (search the high grass) for a piece of heart.
  • Romani Ranch: Head to Milk Road (South Termina, there’s an Owl there) on Day 3 to find the boulder taken care of and enter Romani Ranch.  Use the Breman Mask on the right door in the back to enter the Cucco Shack.  There, Grog will confess he doesn’t mind dying but he wanted to see his Cuccos grow.  Put on the Breman Mask, parade the 10 cuccos around him as they continue to mature, and he’s get smitten and give you the Bunny Hood.  Do this early if you can.


  • Training With the Postman: Head to post office any day between 3pm-6pm (in N64 version it’s 3pm-12am), put on the bunny hood, and speak with him.  He wants you to press A right at 10 seconds, which if you have the bunny hood on is shown on the screen.  If you hit between 10-11 seconds, he’ll give you a piece of heart.  Play it again and get 50 rupees.
  • Gossip Stones:  Around Termina Field there are holes in all 4 directions, each with a series of four stones.  The “active” stone for that hole will be larger than the others and may be different colors.  They all want to match so you have to play the Sonata of Awakening (earned just before the woodfall temple) wearing the same tranformation mask for all 4 holes.  If doing this early, you only have Deku, but if later you may also have Goron or Zora as well.  Deku turns them green, Goron orange, and Zora blue, so just play the song for each stone and get them all the same color.  Upon getting 4 of the same color you’ll get a piece of heart.
  • Dog Track:  You should hopefully have the Mask of Truth (Swamp Skultula House), grab at least 50 rupees (I recommend 100) and head to Romani Ranch on Day 3.  Slow time and go into the Mamamu Yun’s Dog Track, which is the left door next to the Cucco Shack.  Here you can bet up to 50 rupees on a dog.  If you pick the first place dog and bet 50 rupees, you’ll get 150 back as a prize and a piece of heart.  Put on the mask of truth and pick up dogs to figure out who is hopefully going to win. Enter then into the competition and hope for the best.  Typically if you pick one that says “No way I can lose!”, “My paws are lighter than air”, or “I’m unstoppable” then you’ll at least get hopefully 5th place or better, which will refund your money and allow you to try again.
  • Shooting Gallery: In East Clock Town is a shooting gallery with octorocs.  If you hit a red one you get 1 point and if you hit a blue one time will be stripped from your timer.  Get at least 40 points and you’ll get the expanded quiver to hold 40 arrows instead of 50.  Get 50 points (perfect) to receive a piece of heart.
  • Swamp Shooting Gallery: By Tingle between South Termina and the Southern Swamp.  Here you will shoot dekus along the ground, birds in the air, wolfos that run across the screen, and so on.  Completing the shooting gallery early nets you extra points for remaining time.  2120+ gets you another quiver expansion (up to 50 now) and 2180+ will net a piece of heart.  This mini game on the N64 was bullshit.
  • The Deku Playground: In North Clock Town next to the fairy spring is the Deku Playground that can be accessed using the flower nearby.  Each day of the mini game will net different games and a prize for doing all 3, be sure to start on Day 1.  Jump the platforms and beat the record all 3 days to get a piece of heart (and permabanned).
  • Honey & Darling Mini Games: Go to East Clock Town and play all 3 days.  Bombachu platforms is day 1, Bomb Baskets is Day 2, and Target Shooting is Day 3.

Pre-Great Bay Temple

  • Romani Mask: Now that you can hold the powder keg, grab one and head to Romani Ranch on Day 1.  Blow up the boulder and enter the ranch to learn Epona’s Song.  Then Romani will ask you to meet her at 2 AM that night to assist with something.  When she arrives to the barn at 2 she tells you about invading aliens (which look like Poes) and to protect the barn.  Starting at 2:15 the “aliens” will spawn all around the barn and move toward it, you have to nail them with a single arrow to defeat them.  Slowing time will make them move slower but you’ll take twice as long to complete the task (bunny hood helps a lot too).  If you don’t let a single alien touch the barn by 5:15, she will emerge and give you a bottle of milk (which is great for the empty bottle).  You can also speak to Cremia in the barn after 8 AM to get a task for meeting her at 6pm on the second day.  Once you meet up with her you’ll ride a carriage into town and protect it.  Bandits will attack the milk cart shortly after you begin (are those the Gormon Brothers?) and all you have to do is patiently hit them to keep them from breaking the bottles.  It’s not hard to prevent them from breaking all 4, but you may lose one or two.  After getting to safety she will reward you with the Romani Mask (cow) that allows you to get into the Latte Bar in East Clock Town.
  • Scarecrow Song:  You can now play the scarecrow song and upon getting the Hookshot from the Pirate Fortress get a few pieces of heart.
  • Feed The Fish: Feed the fish in the tank at the Marine Research Lab to have one eat the other and net you a piece of heart.
  • Beaver Brothers: Race the Beaver Brothers through the rings for an empty bottle first and a piece of heart second.
  • Skultula House: The one by Great Bay nets you the giant wallet (holds 500 rupees), but only if you complete the house in a single day (and on N64 it has to be Day 1).

Ikana Canyon

  • Easter Egg – Credits Song: Upon completing Great Bay Temple you can rush over to Zora Hall and hear an optional rehearsal of the song that plays in the final credits.
  • Fisherman:  You can take a boat out of the peninsula at Great Bay and hookshot on one of the islands it surrounds to speak with the fisherman.  He has you do a stupid island jumping minigame that nets a piece of heart.
  • Frog Choir:  You need to repeat some battles to get this but if you defeat Gekko in Great Bay Temple and put on the Don Gero Mask (got it in Goron Town after the kid passed out and you got the sirloin from the chandelier) he’ll transport to “the place”.  You need 4 more of these guys.  First head over to the Woodfall (swamp) temple and head straight over to the area where you can beat him, put on the Don Gero Mask, and send him yonder as well.  Next you need to run to Snowhead, defeat Goht and cause spring, then talk to the frog in the lake by the cabin (there’s also a piece of heart in that lake provided it’s spring).  The final two are easy, one is in the southern swamp in clean water near the east, the other is in the laundry pool.  Once you’ve assembled this motley crew, head to the lake in Mountain Village again and they’ll all be there.  Listen to the song and get a piece of heart.
  • Garo Mask: Head to the Gormon Racetrack (it’s off Milk Road) and play Epona’s Song to challenge them to a race.  Upon beating the Gormon Brothers they’ll fork over the Gormon mask, which you need in Ikana Canyon.
  • Sordid Tale InDEED: You’ll be trading deeds here in order to get a piece of heart.  First, grab the moon tear at the observatory.  Next, trade it for the deed in East Clock Town.  Then head to the swamp, buy a magic seed outside the tourist center, and then trade him the Clock Town deed for the Swamp Deed.  Head to the Goron Village and trade the scrub the Swamp Town Deed for the Mountain Town Deed.  Head to Zora Cape and go all the way to the end of the rooms, enter, and trade the scrub the Mountain Town Deed for the Ocean Title Deed.  There’s also a piece of heart in this room you can get with the flower abandoned.  Now return to the observatory and watch for the scrub to enter a small hole in the lower left/central area.  Head outside, use the deku flower to jump the fence and jump in the hole.  You’ll find the scrub at his secret lair and he offers you a piece of heart for 150 rupees to keep it a secret.  If you refuse he’ll drop it to 100 and hopefully you have that to purchase this prize that took a hell of a lot of work.
  • All Night Mask:  In order to get this, return to Day 1 and save the old lady in North Clock Town at midnight.  Then rush to 10 pm on the final night (either go to 6pm and wait on N64 or do it directly on 3DS) and enter the curiosity store to purchase the mask for 500 rupees (better have the mighty wallet at this point).
  • Grandmother’s Tale: Now play the song of time after buying the All Night Mask (which prevents sleep) and enter the Stock Pot Inn (might have to wait for it to open at 8 AM).  Head to the only door in the back, which has Anju’s Grandmother, put on the All Night Mask, and listen to her tales.  Answering correct on both will get you a piece of heart each.
  • Troupe Leader’s Mask: Head over to the Latte Bar after 10 pm on Nights 1 or 2 and speak to Toto at the stage to find that the band didn’t show up that night.  You can do a makeshift band by playing songs for him in each spotlight with a different mask (Link, Deku, Goron, Zora).  After you play all of them the combined melody will play, prompting Gorman at the bar (who’s been critical up to this point) to remember a better time.  He will reward you with the Troup Leader’s Mask (It’s the Circus Leader’s Mask in the N64 version).  This mask is useless aside from being part of the complete set on N64, but on 3DS it allows you to get a seventh empty bottle.
  • 7th Empty Bottle (3DS only): Make sure it’s day 2, head to the Stock Pot Inn and go to the last door on the second floor between 8-noon to find a Goron half sleeping.  Put on the Troupe Leader’s Mask and he’ll reveal his stomach hurts and he needs special milk.  Then head to Romani Ranch (make sure it’s at or after 12pm and slow time), wear the mask again, and have the Gorman brothers whip up some mystery milk for you.  Return to the Goron without using the song of soaring (bunny hood and speed run) and he’ll chug the milk and happily be recovered.  The empty bottle is yours to keep he says.


  • Anju & Kafei:  This is a multi-part lover’s journey.  First off, you have to do this quest twice (on 3DS too?).  There’s a split on Night 3 that requires you to take one path or the other, which requires the two times through.  You will need: Epona’s Song, Hookshot, Romani Mask, Garo Mask, and DO NOT SAVE THE OLD LADY on Night 1 (plus like 2 hours of time).  Here’s the schedule:
    • Day 1 (10am-12pm): Head over to the Mayor’s Office (East Clock Town), enter the door in the back on the right, and speak with Madame Aroma to learn of her missing son Kafei.  She will give you the Kafei Mask, which will force people to talk to you about him.  The back room also has Kafei’s Diary, revealing his marriage to Anju.
    • Day 1 (12-12:15pm): You can meet Anju and if you’re in the Grandmother’s room at this time she’ll reveal she hates Anju’s cooking.
    • Day 1 (2:15pm): The postman arrives and delivers a message to Anju.  It’s from Kafei.  Put on the Kafei mask and speak with her to arrange a meeting at 12am that night in the kitchen.
    • OPTIONAL: You can put on the goron mask after Anju gets to the front desk at 2 and check in as someone else and give you a room key.  This room upstairs has 100 rupees in a chest.  If you do this, wait around until 3 or 4 pm to see the goron arrive to find his room given away and freak out.  He will sleep outside the inn if this is the case.
    • Night 1 (12-6am): Meet up with Anju and she’ll give you a letter to send back to Kafei.  You should just go outside and deliver it to a mailbox, but if you choose you can optionally give it to toilet guy if you haven’t already for a piece of heart (otherwise it’s just a funny waste of time).
    • Night 1/Day 2 (between 12-9am): You probably immediately delivered the letter to the mailbox, but if not make sure to do so by 9 am.
    • Day 2 (3:10-3:45pm): Arrive at the laundry pool and wait for the mail to be delivered.  When it is and the bell rings, Kafei will go to get it and you have a small window to sneak into his house.  Do so and wait for him to come back.  He will reveal that the Skull Kid turned him into a child and his ceremonial sun mask was stolen by Sakon last night.  He then gives you the Pendant of Memories for Anju to prevent her from leaving town on Night 3.   He also shows you he has a hidden glass to watch the events in the curiosity shop next door.
    • Day 2 or 3 (10am-7pm): Deliver the Pendant to Anju to prevent her from leaving town on the third night.
    • OPTIONAL: Night 2 (9:30-11pm): If you have the Goron’s room you can go there and hear Anju arguing with her mother about staying in town.
    • OPTIONAL: Night 2 (just after 12am): You can head to the curiosity shop to seek Sakon sell the bomb bags (which is why you have to let Sakon rob the old lady) and upon him leaving Kafei can follow him to his hideout (at Ikana Canyon).
    • Day 3 (12-6pm): Head to laundry pool to find Kafei’s house unlocked and speak with the Curiosity Shop Owner inside.  He will give you the Keaton Mask and the Special Delivery to Mama letter.
    • SPLIT IN QUEST:  Around 6pm on the third day you can either be at Ikana Canyon hiding behind a rock near Sakon’s hideout with Kafei or heading to the Post Office.  If you go to the Post Office, you can give the letter to Mama to the Postman, who will deliver it (very slowly) and come out of the latte bar around 7:30pm (I would just wait for him).  Once he completes this task he will give you the Postman’s Hat (a mask) and flee town.  This is the end of your first time through (or second depending on your choice) and you can play the song of time to start over.  Since you don’t have to be to the Stockpot Inn until 2:15pm now (since you already have Kafei’s Mask) you can use the postman’s hat to grab a piece of heart from any one mailbox, after that it’s useless.  You can also use the Keaton Mask and slash the dancing bushes in North Clock Town (or a couple other locations in Termina Field) to cause Keaton to appear, ask you a bunch of quiz questions, and then reward you with a piece of heart.  Now we will continue assuming you meet with Kafei.
    • SPLIT PT 2 Day 3 (6pm): If you meet with Kafei at Sakon’s hideout, make sure not to be seen (stone mask recommended) and wait for Sakon to arrive and go into his hideout (between 6-7pm).  Kafei will run in and you should follow him.  The sun mask is in there and a trap is triggered causing you and Kafei to work together.  Link’s side is mostly fighting easy enemies whereas Kafei is simple puzzles.  Once you complete all of these puzzles before the sun mask falls into the pit at the end of the conveyor belt, he will grab the sun mask and run off.
    • Day 3 (after 6pm): Soar to Clock Town, enter the Latte Bar, and deliver the letter to Madame Aroma (Special Delivery to Mama).  She will reward you with an empty bottle.
    • Night 3 (4:30 am): Head upstairs at the Stock Pot Inn (you’ll have 90 mins on the timer left), enter the first room at the top of the stairs (locked at all times until now), and find Anju waiting for Kafei if you gave her the pendant.  Shortly after this Kafei will arrive with the Sun Mask, they will profess their undying love, fuse the masks into the Couple’s Mask, and give it to you.  Then they say they wish only to die together, now married, and they hold each other till the end.  Play the song of time to avoid their fate.
    • You can then head over to the Mayor’s Office around 10 am on Day 1, go to the left office (opposite Madame Aroma) and see an argument over what to do about the town.  Put on the couple’s mask and talk to anyone, it will trigger the Mayor to declare people should do what they want.  You’ll also get a piece of heart for it.
  • Secret Shrine:  In the river of Ikana Canyon (big drop off by the owl statue) you can swim upstream and into the cave for a secret shrine.  You’ll fight 4 sub bosses (2 Dinofol, Wizrobe, Wart, and Garo Master).  Each will give you rupees and completing them all gives you a piece of heart.

Written by Fred Rojas

June 9, 2015 at 2:35 pm

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  1. on 3ds bombers mask is actually called blast mask.


    October 27, 2020 at 1:45 am

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