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Parasite_Eve_CoverartOriginal Platform: Playstation
Released: 1998
Ports: No
Developer: Square USA, Inc.
Publisher: Square
Digital Release/Re-Release: Yes, as a PSOne Classic on PS3/PSP/Vita ($5.99)
Series/Sequels: Parasite Eve
Approx Value (according to Parasite Eve – Price Charting): $12.75 (L), $20.50 (CIB), $75.00 (S)


Use Haste: Not really a cheat, but be sure to use this PE skill immediately after getting it (especially on Day 4) and often from then on.

Ultimate Weapon: Give 300 pieces of junk to Wayne at the Police Station and he will build you the ultimate weapon.

60 Free Rounds: Before jumping in the hole in the Opera House in Day 1, go back outside to get 60 bullets from the cops there.

Tons of Trading Cards: In the hospital (Day 4), check the cabinet in the room with the patient/nurse.  It has a trading card in it that replenishes every time you open it, allowing you to get as many as you can hold.  Keep in mind, once you leave the room after getting the first card, cards stop respawning.

Refilled Bullets/Healing: You should receive the weapons room key during Day 3, which allows you to open the NYPD weapons storage starting at Day 4.  Each day this room fills back up with bullets and healing items.


Link (via GameFAQs, by Mysticcat)

Written by Fred Rojas

July 2, 2015 at 10:04 am

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