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shenmue_boxOriginal Platform: Dreamcast
Released: November 8, 2000 (in US – 12/29/99 in Japan and 12/01/2000 in Europe)
Ports: No
Developer: Sega AM2
Publisher: Sega
Instruction Manual: Link
Digital Release/Re-Release: No
Series/Sequels: Shenmue
Approx Value (according to Price Charting): $46.77 (L), $60 (CIB), $99.95 (S)


  • Many cheats/secrets exist in the game upon completion, like mini-games from the main menu and even integrating the actual weather for the days in Shenmue that were researched by AM2.  These all unlock upon completing the game, saving, and starting a new game.
  • Endless Work Days: There is a half-cheat half-glitch that exists in the game to allow you to work indefinitely, but your maximum daily wage is 600 yen per crate.  In order to repeat the same work day, either skip important cutscenes like finding Warehouse 17 on Day 2 or simply take the dotted line route (near the waterfront) on Day 2, which prevents a necessary cutscene and won’t progress the days.
  • Bad Ending:  There is a way to get a bad ending for the game, but it takes forever (unless you want to get caught constantly sneaking into the warehouse).  Simply use one of the glitches mentioned to progress time beyond April 15, 1987 and you will receive the “bad ending” when you get to the docks.  You can view that here.


Link (multiple available)

Written by Fred Rojas

August 3, 2015 at 10:26 am

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