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A New Obsession: Retro Gaming Achievements

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Please Note: All screenshots in this post are taken from and were not created nor are they the property of Gaming History 101.  I only used them to demonstrate the wonderful project and site that has been created.  Please visit Retro Achievements to take advantage of the software and see for yourself the world described in this blog post. – Fred logo logo

I think the argument over the value of achievements/trophies/accomplishments/arbitrary rewards is all but required to occur at least once a week in video game enthusiast circles.  It’s one of the least interesting and most divided discussions happening.  At its core, however, it all boils down to one factor: do you or don’t you like achievements.  Just because you like them doesn’t mean you’re a so-called “achievement whore” and I’m not saying that those who ignore them completely are getting any less out of their games than others, but it’s always a hotbed topic.  I like achievements.  I would say I like achievements more than most, especially when it comes to retro games.  That’s like the one thing that few developers take the time to integrate into many ports – not remastered editions, but ports – most likely because the games weren’t built for those kind of triggers so retrofitting them must be a pain.  It’s for this reason that when I stumbled upon the site and found a series of emulators that have achievements built into them that I instantly fell in love.  Retro gaming achievements just got “real”.

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Written by Fred Rojas

February 6, 2015 at 4:20 pm

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