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Tech: Comprehensive Capture Device Review

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First and foremost, let me preface by saying that this entire post is in no way promotional.  While I may link to a slew of items – using Amazon because it’s the only location to find all of these items, but many can be found elsewhere and sometimes at better prices – there is nothing in it for myself of Gaming History 101.  We did not receive any of these items, all were purchased by the reviewer (ie: me, Fred Rojas) and none of the links here involve any kickback for purchasing through them as I’m told you can do with Amazon and of course, Gaming History 101 remains completely ad free.  I am writing this piece because when I looked for buying advice online it was nothing but paid promotion, a few hardware reviews that are years old and speak nothing to the current state of these capture devices, and of course none of them had accurate information when it came to capturing retro devices.  In a world where we want screenshots, streaming, video capture, and just to have fun with the prized possessions in our collection and share it with the world, capture devices are a great way to do so.  I have also been told that capturing and streaming emulation, especially if you generate ad revenue (we are ad-free on GH101 as well as our YouTube channel), can be illegal and get your videos taken down so use caution if going that route.  We only capture actual consoles with actual game carts/discs, and use flash carts when necessary for items like homebrew.  Therefore, here is the most comprehensive review I can give with about as much geeky tech background as I can provide.

As stated in the intro, I wanted a device where I could both capture retro and modern consoles that also supported streaming, commentary, and a myriad of content creation options.  I should also point out that my plans were, and currently consist, of importing almost all gameplay into Sony Platinum Video Suite 13 (formerly Vegas) for editing and rendering, so that does play a part in my opinions.  I tested these devices on three computers, all of which I will provide basic spec for you now.  In reviews, these will be labeled as Computers 1, 2, or 3.

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Written by Fred Rojas

December 29, 2014 at 1:08 pm

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