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Double Moon Densetsu (NES) Fan Translation Released

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An English fan translation of Japan only Double Moon Densetsu has been released. You probably aren’t aware of this game, but from all I’ve heard Double Moon Densetsu is quite literally a Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest rip-off.  The reason you may want to play this game is that as early as Dragon Warrior 2/Dragon Quest 2 the party system was introduced and the game changed drastically, so in a way this is the closest sequel/remix to the original title as you can get your hands on.  So if you’ve been dying to play a newer version of the original game – of which I’m not totally against – then this may be worth your time.  You can download the different patches using the link in the first sentence.


Written by Fred Rojas

May 7, 2015 at 1:13 pm