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Wax Nostalgic Responsibly

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classic_gameAs time ticks by the threshold of what is considered nostalgic and retro grows exponentially.  I dare not even define the term or the guidelines one may foolishly attempt to place on what would even be appropriate for a site like this.  At the going rate of Internet coverage I could probably justify reviewing a game a month old or that has recently earned a price drop as retro, it’s all relative.  Still, there is a place for looking fondly back at gaming days passed but it is important to realize that with the ongoing clutter of fan created gaming sites that we all do our part to stand out.  I don’t want to read articles about things I already know, I want to read articles about things no one knows.  This is why you don’t see much coverage of Super Mario World or reviews of the latest virtual console releases – too many have already done it before.  When you set out to talk about the past, try to impress with what unique items you can bring to the table, not recycling.

It’s a hard road to figure out what to cover and frankly we tend to migrate to what we know best, but remember that as a consumer product there were so many copies of Super Mario Bros. 3 that perhaps one does not need to review it for the thousandth time.  I may be off base, but I propose that anyone talking about old games either try to cover what has rarely been touched before or bring a new angle.  Also it’s important to understand that with different eras ushers different players and neither is the correct opinion.  I scoff at the people who played pinball in the 70s and 80s and tell me that I should play a real man’s game and put aside kiddie video games.  In that same regard I know there are plenty of you out there who want to dismiss me immediately for feeling that N64 bred few winners, especially when you find out I like Shadows of the Empire and don’t much care for Goldeneye.  It’s all perspective.  So here is a fun list of rules I have created when delving into the games of the past that hopefully you will find helpful.

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Written by Fred Rojas

May 9, 2014 at 4:11 pm

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