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GHX Ep. 36: Couple Sega Fanboys

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This week Fred and Trees open with a discussion about The Quiet Man before moving on to online retro gaming hunts and the joys of recapturing your childhood.

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Written by Fred Rojas

November 14, 2018 at 11:00 am

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  1. I heard youo talking about the Sega 2500 collections on the PS2.
    If any of them are as bad as Outrun, then they are all worthless and any true Sega fan should not even be looking at them and collecting the original versions instead.

    Below is a quick write up I made on the PS2 version of Outrun when I was writing a conversion comparison earlier this year. It came in 14th out of 20 different versions I played, even behind the weedy Commodore 64 version!
    It’s just horrible..

    Playstation 2 – Outrun 2500
    This is an “enhanced” version of Outrun made exclusively for the PS2 and released under the Sega Ages 2500 label exclusively in Japan. Where to start. The music is the best place, as all three tunes are included in their original glory, along with an arrange mix of each tune, which is not too bad, but of course the originals are always the best. The graphics have been updated into the polygon age, and this is frankly where everything falls apart – they look, quite frankly, awful. The colour scheme is too dark, as if the whole game is taking place at sunset. Ironically, during the road to the next stage there is a very small section of road that is much brighter, why they didn’t use this brighter setting for the whole game baffles me. The viewpoint has been set too low, meaning that it is hard to see what is oncoming even on level road, and literally impossible when going even over the slightest incline where you could still see ahead on the arcade. This leads to too many crashes that should be avoidable. The course map at the end looks awful too, it’s actually viewed isometrically than from the side. The gameplay is no better really, the the whole feel of the original is just gone and the game is not fun to play at all. And the car you drive is not even a Testarossa! With a near arcade perfect port of Outrun appearing on the Xbox/Dremacast (In Shenmue 2) and even the Saturn, why they felt the need to release this travesty just does not make sense.
    (All is not lost though – there is an “Arrange” mode which arranges (see what I did there) stages from the arcade in different order along with totally new stages created just for this mode. This mode does not try to be Outrun in the way the Arcade mode tries to be, and is actually somewhat better, I actually plan to return to this mode, just not the awful arcade mode).

    Sparky Kestrel

    November 17, 2018 at 9:07 pm

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