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VGP Ep 138: Gifts-A-Plenty

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This week the hosts discuss their Christmas weekends before tackling into a slew of games, almost all of them available on subscription platforms (Game Pass/PS+ Extra).

  • 04:00 – Fred’s Week
  • 31:15 – Trees’ Week
  • 01:02:00 – The Fortnite Update
  • 01:26:30 – Horizon Chase Turbo
  • 01:30:00 – Dead Space: Extraction
  • 01:45:15 – High on Life
  • 02:04:30 – Gas Station Simulator
  • 02:06:00 – My Time at Portia
  • 02:08:00 – BioMutant
  • 02:11:00 – Chorvs (Chorus)
  • 02:28:15 – Demons Souls (PS5)

Video Game Purists Ep 72: Jox Rox

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This week Trees discusses the wrap up of vacation while Fred works through a very difficult series of events and listener mail sparks even deeper discussion. On the gaming front, Trees has been rocking through Yakuza: Like a Dragon while also dabbling in Star Wars Squadrons and returning to Titanfall 2. Fred has watched a bunch of media including Black Widow, The Forever Purge, Inside, and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (all spoiler free discussions). Fred’s games include Rayman Redemption and Biomutant as well as finishing Psychonauts and Far Cry Primal.

Written by Fred Rojas

July 16, 2021 at 11:00 am