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Cross Talk: Nintendo Has Completely Lost Touch With Retail, Black Friday Proves This

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This sign was in several store windows on Black Friday in the KC metro.

This sign was in several store windows on Black Friday in the KC metro.

Nintendo is on somewhat of a rebound this year.  After putting the Wii U to bed both with a lack of releases and acting as if the console didn’t exist after the fall, Nintendo came out with the announcement of the Switch – its newest console slated for a March 2017 release – and a long Direct that detailed several other projects to release until then.  Of those products one of the bigger announcements was a Black Friday only limited edition 3DS in both black and white colors that would be available at all major retailers for the low price of only $100.  For those who haven’t pulled the trigger on the New 3DS but still want one and all those parents still glaring at the then $200 price point of the portable, this was a godsend.  $100 is that sweet spot for many families in the gaming world where an item becomes a potential Christmas present.  The fact that it would be so widely available and that the smiling faces of Nintendo as a whole indicated anyone who wanted one could have it this holiday season was great news.  For most, however, it’s become a freaking nightmare.  Why?  Nintendo issued so little stock of these items that they sold out in minutes across the country on Black Friday and for most retailers I asked in the Kansas City metro, has become the bane of both customers and retail employees this holiday season.

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Written by Fred Rojas

November 28, 2016 at 11:00 am

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