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HuniePop Review

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Please Note: Any way you dice it, HuniePop is a game intended for adults.  There is smoking, drinking, very adult language, scantily clad (and potentially fully nude) individuals, adult situations displayed/discussed, and potentially what could be described as pornographic art of a certain type referred to as “hentai”.  Now, perhaps you already know this, but it’s a warning for those that don’t.  Fortunately this review, while it mentions this content, contains none of these items.  It can be considered safe for work (although someone may make fun of you), including all screenshots, and only mildly discusses themes that would be considered appropriate for, at worst, a teen audience.  This is just a friendly warning from the folks here at Gaming History 101.


I get it now.  For years I have watched my friends, family, and even gamer peers play match three games and never understood it.  Sure, I gave a good couple of weeks to Marvel Puzzle Quest, and I had played the original Puzzle Quest in the past, but I was never drawn into them like others were.  Eventually, I quit playing these games altogether.  But I get it now and I will sadly admit that for more than 15 hours of my life – which may be the blink of an eye to the average Candy Crush addict – I was officially hooked to a match three game.  Unfortunately that match three game also happened to be a hybrid dating sim, and a relatively poor one at that, which also had a readily available uncensored patch that displayed an occasional pornographic hentai image, but a match three game nonetheless.  It may be shameful for some, although I have no shame, in admitting that I not only liked but got addicted to HuniePop, but I did and it was definitely the match three game that did it.  No, seriously, there were easier ways to see the art and out of those 15 hours I spent about 2 minutes looking at art, one total hour playing the dating sim, and 14 more doing nothing but match three.  In fact, the game is pretty terrible at everything it attempts to accomplish outside being a basic match three clone.  But still, I was hooked.

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Written by Fred Rojas

March 18, 2015 at 6:00 pm

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