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Disney 16-Bit Platformers Hit Good Old Games

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Today Good Old Games, a web site dedicated to making older PC titles playable on modern platforms, released a triple pack of Disney platformers from the 16-bit era.  The three titles are AladdinThe Lion King, and Jungle Book.  For savvy and knowledgeable gamers, you may be wondering if these are based on the Genesis/Mega Drive port or the SNES ports.  These are all based on the Genesis/Mega Drive versions, which are slightly different from the SNES on Lion King and Jungle Book, but drastically different with Aladdin.  While few debate the quality overall of the SNES is higher than the Genesis, Aladdin was one of the few titles that is largely regarded as looking and playing better on Sega’s console.  Each game is currently $8.99 as an introduction sale, $9.99 normally, and you can get all 3 in a bundle for $19.99.

Written by Fred Rojas

August 4, 2016 at 11:00 am

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