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Apogee Software and GoG Are Giving Away Rise of the Triad

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Today at 4:00 PM GMT (that’s 12:00 PM EDT and 9:00 AM PDT for those who need it easy) game distribution site Good Old Games is giving away Rise of the Triad for the first 30,000 people who request it.  Now what’s funny to me is that the press release says they’re giving away the 2013 version of Rise of the Triad whereas I would have assumed it would be the original The Dark War version from 1994 but who knows, for now I would trust it’s the newer (and better) game.  After the first 30,000 go it’s still going to be available at 80 percent off, which is a steal for that game.  As my review in the link will explain, if you want the 90s brought back to life with modern controls and graphics, this long 20+ hour FPS with a campaign and frag-fest multiplayer is a gem.  If you want to be prepared, you may want to zip over to the site, make a username if you don’t have one already, and be signed in and ready to refresh your browser at the golden hour.  It’s free, what have you got to lose.  Also if you’re curious to read up on what started life as the sequel to Wolfenstein 3-D, feel free to check out our historical context article on the development of the original.

Written by Fred Rojas

March 16, 2015 at 10:30 am

Review: Rise of the Triad (2013)

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rott_logoRelease Date: 07/31/2013
Developer: Interceptor Entertainment
Publisher: Apogee Software
Platforms: PC (Windows-based only)
Availability: Digital Download Only
Services for Distribution: Steam (online DRM), Good Old Games (DRM-free)
Price: $14.99

Please Note: This is for the 2013 release.  The review for the original 1994 title Rise of the Triad: Dark War can be found here.


It seems like more and more games are being rebooted from the past, specifically the mid 1990s, and given new life for today’s audience.  Of all the games that probably didn’t need to be brought back, Apogee’s Rise of the Triad is high on the list.  Let’s face it, the game wasn’t that good, most people didn’t play it, and save for coining “ludicrous gibs” it’s a title best lost in nostalgia.  From the initial announcement I’m thinking “why are they doing this?”  Well as it turns out this updated Rise of the Triad does the one thing I never expected: re-creates a classic “Doom clone” with all the dated gameplay style and features intact.  It’s like the last 20 years of first-person shooters (FPS) never happened and now we’re back with a fast paced, tough as nails, rocket launcher frenzy with awkward controls and heavy metal music.  It’s jarring at first and my initial hour made me want to put this title away and never think about it again – I had spent more than an hour trying to complete the first level, how was I ever going to overcome the entire game?  Once I overcame the initial hurdle of figuring how to adjust for 1995 shooter gaming I was rewarded with a crazy, addictive title that just shouldn’t exist today.  I’m quite happy it does.

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Written by Fred Rojas

August 5, 2013 at 12:04 pm