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Podcast: Top Scores, Volume 3

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Video game soundtracks transcend time to the right audience.  No matter how many you have heard, there’s always that track that escapes you or is just on the tip of your tongue that you can’t recognize.  Whether it’s nostalgia or a killer cut you’re hearing for the first time, the community and our hosts Fred and Jam have a great show of video game music this time around.  Missed the first two volumes?  Check out Top Scores, Vol. 1 and Top Scores, Vol. 2!

Please Note: Those that listened to the live show may have noticed a quality drop in the stream from time to time.  As a result, all music tracks were re-edited in as masters in this final episode.  You should notice no quality drops.

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Track List

Opening Song: Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie – Red Dead Redemption (Fred) – 2:24

Section 1: Curious Songs

Sky City – Whip Rush (MD, Jam) – 3:49
The Mysterious Death of Mr. Boddy – Clue (SNES, Vos) – 4:29
The Path (A New Beginning) – Gustavo Santalalla (The Last of Us, Matt) – 2:47
Main Theme – Rayxanber III (PCE-CD, Fred) – 5:09

Section 2: Ominious
Don’t Cry, Jennifer – Clock Tower (SuFami, Vos) – 3:25
Main Theme – Shadow of the Beast 2 (MD, JAM) – 1:03
Opening Theme – Resident Evil Outbreak (Matt) – 3:27
Final Boss (Metroid Queen) – Metroid II – 1:11
Castle Gates – Golden Axe II (MD, Jam) – 2:28
Main theme – Gremlins II (NES) – 2:03

Section 3: Big Fun
Replaced by Please Help Me – Sexy Parodius (Matt) – 2:44
Title Theme – Burnin’ Rubber (Amstrad, Jam) – 3:36
Ballad of Hyllis – Beyond Good & Evil (Fred) – 1:38
Planet Pop Star – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Vos) – 2:55
Opening Theme – Phantasy Star Online (GC, Jam) – 2:30
Opening Theme – Adventures of Willy Bemish (Sega CD, Fred) – 2:25

Section 4: Classics
Chapter 1 – House of the Dead 2 (DC, Jam) – 2:34
Maximum Power – After Burner 2 (Arcade, Matt) – 0:44
Main Theme – Double Dragon (NES, Fred) – 3:00
Main Theme – Deus Ex Invisible War (Jam) – 1:50 (IF WE HAVE TIME)
Main Theme – Spy Hunter (Arcade, Fred) – 1:45 (IF WE HAVE TIME)

Section 5: Epic Songs
Main Theme – Hitman 2 (Fred) – 2:12
Ethan Mars Main Theme – Norman Corbeil (Heavy Rain, Matt) – 3:31
Boss Attack – Crusader of Centy/Soleil (Jam) – 2:24
Cyberspace – System Shock (Fred) – 3:22
Dulles Airport – Die Hard Trilogy (Jam) – 2:00

Closing Song: Sacred Worlds – Blind Guardian (Sacred 2, Matt) – 6:18

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