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Podcast: Top Scores, Volume 2

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Video game soundtracks are as varied and nostalgic as the games themselves.  Sometimes just hearing a few bars from a classic tune brings the memories of playing that game rushing back.  Thanks to the community and a handful of personal selections, Fred and Jam present a collection of nostalgic favorites.

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Track List:

Top Scores Vol. 2 Setlist (with intro/outro from Fred/Jam between each song)

1.) Intro (static of GH101 theme song into “Sonic Boom” from Sonic CD, Sega/Mega CD)

Part I – Eastern Flare

2.) Nova’s Theme – Marvel vs. Capcom 3, PS3 (Fortengard Choice)
3.) Sure Imagination – Ai Choaniki, PC Engine CD (Fred choice)
4.) Main Theme – Jade Empire, PC/Xbox (Jam choice)

Part II – Terror About

5.) Boss and Ending Themes – Jaws, NES (Vos request)
6.) Main Theme – Alien 3, Mega Drive (Jam choice)
7.) Main Theme/Level 1 – Quake 2, PS1 (Jam Choice)
8.) The Unexpected Enemy – Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Saturn (Fred choice)
9.) First/Last Boss – Splatterhouse 2, Mega Drive (50hz Pal Version) (Jam choice)
10.) Moment of Relief (Safe Room) – Resident Evil: Code veronica, Dreamcast (Jam choice)

Part III – Chip Tune-Up

11.) Pause Theme – BattleToads, NES (Blake Request)
12.) Main Theme – Great Gianna Sisters, C64 (Jam choice)
13.) Main Theme – Todd’s Adventure in Slime World, Lynx (Fred choice)
14.) Lavender Town – Pokemon Red/Blue, Gameboy (Fortengard Choice)
15.) Leona Theme – SNK vs. Capcom: Battle of the Millenium, Neo Geo Pocket Color (Fred choice)
16.) Main Theme – Robocop, ZX Spectrum (SieOne choice)
17.) Flower Garden – Little Nemo in Dream World, NES (Fred Choice)
18.) Jogging Theme – Punch-Out!!, NES (Fred Choice)

Part IV – Classics

19.) Main Theme – Golden Axe, Amstrad CPC (Jam Choice)
20.) Main Theme – Wonderboy, Sega Master System (Fred choice)
21.) Scars of Time – Chrono Cross, PS1 (Vos choice)
22.) Level One – Rocket Knight Adventures, Mega Drive (Jam Choice)
23.) Secret of Arid Sands – Secret of Mana, SNES (Fred choice)
24.) Main Theme – Syphon Filter, PS1 (Jam Choice)
25.) Intro – Ecco the Dolphin, Sega CD (Fred Choice)
26.) Level One – Castlevania Bloodlines, Genesis (Jam Choice)

Part V – Leftovers

27.) Title Theme – Jet Force Gemini, N64 (Jam choice)
28.) Walk in the Park – Final Fight, Arcade (Fred Choice)
29.) You’ve Come Far, Ness – Earthbound, SNES (Fred Choice)
30.) Super Sonic Racing (Main theme) – Sonic R, Saturn (Andy Choice)
31.) Fly Me to the Moon – Bayonetta, 360 (Fred Choice)

Secret Track: Head Radio FM – Grand Theft Auto, PC (PhunkJunkie Choice)

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