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Resident Evil: The Musical. Yes, You Read That Correct

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No guys, this is not a April fools joke. Japan really does have all the fun when it comes to weird shows to bring to the musical scene. With the success of Phoenix Wright in the musical scene I guess it was only a matter of time before Capcom looked at their other franchises. I guess we just weren’t expecting Resident Evil to be the second choice. What’s wrong Capcom, Viewtiful Joe too super hero for you, Okami too arty or maybe its because you want us just to forget about Clover studios. Still, Street Fighter? I’d dig a Zangief opera number.

Maybe its part of the 20th anniversary celebration. Unfortunately for the fans this is only coming to Japan, at least for now. If I had the expendable income I would learn Japanese and fly to Japan to see the show. But since that will unlikely happen here’s my suggestions for some songs they should feature in the musical. I’m assuming this will be based of the first original Playstaion title where you play the game as Jill Valentine. Warning: the following songs may spoil the plot of the game.

The Cast List Song – A song that introduces all the characters as sung by the narrator, and yes Chris smokes a cigarette in this version, awesome electric guitar solo very much included.

Look Out! A Monster! – A recurring chorus sung by various members of the cast when they meet a new monster. The violin strings screech in this one.


The Master of Unlocking – Barry provides a strong opera ballad as he presents Jill with a lock pick

Dogs! At window – A loud shocking number at the Cerberus dogs make a surprise appearance followed up by a chorus of Look Out! A Monster!

The Sandwich Song – A smooth sexy number. Is Barry singing about saving Jill from being crushed, or something else. Think smooth Jazz in the vain of Barry White for this number.

Which Painting Do I Switch? – Close followers of GH101 will remember a infamous recent Twitch stream where Fred played through Biohazard I very poorly tried to help him solve the infamous painting puzzle since it was written in Japanese in the game in the Twitch chat. For the musical this song totally needs the audience heckling at Jill to which painting to press. Better still if she actually gets it wrong we could have puppet like crows descend from the ceiling and attack Jill. This may possibly end the show early but that would serve the audience right for not getting the order correct.


The Enrico Number – A triple bill of Jill, Barry and Enrico singing about their awkward relationship until Enrico is tragically silenced

The Truth Comes Out – Wesker does a solo number in his evil accent and sunspecs, the song then soon morphs into Barrys jazz number again as he returns to save the day.

Credits Song – All the cast and monsters return on stage for a final happy number. It would be both bizarre but brilliant as both humans and monsters are dancing together in one final farewell to the crowd.

Feel free to use the above ideas Capcom. I’ll be floating around on Twitter if you need and further assistance with this project.

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April 1, 2016 at 11:00 am

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