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Video Game Purists Ep. 70: Sega Wall Art

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This week starts off with a very Sega discussion about the classic Genesis (or Mega Drive) days. We also hear about block parties and the joy of Best Buy employees before jumping into games. Trees traded in his XB1, took the plunge into the so-so Mario Golf and continues to dominate in Car Mechanic Simulator to the point that he’s almost out of things to do. The highlight this week for him was still Yakuza: Like a Dragon where the story is enticing but it’s main protagonist Ichiban that may be Trees’ favorite gaming character of all time. Fred wrapped Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, had a horrid time with Sea of Thieves, continues to enjoy Far Cry: Primal, and delved into getting gaming deals via Gamefly. He’s also going a bit retro with the newest re-release of Doom on Xbox and replaying Psychonauts.

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