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Video Game Purists Ep 83: Spot On Casting

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As always, we say “nothing happened” but yet we go on nearly an hour about this nothing. Then it’s time to go to the Switch where updates discover bluetooth, games were announced (and released), and we learn of the best casting ever for the 2022 Super Mario movie. On the gaming front, Trees continues with Car Mechanic Simulator, wraps Maneater and leaps into the Truth Quest DLC, customizes boats in AC Valhalla, and plays around with the perspective bending Superliminal. Fred has been going all arcade with Cruis’n Blast, engages heavy with Magic the Gathering Arena thanks to the Innestrad: Midnight Hunt set, and drags his way to the finish line of Sackboy. He also contemplates Halloween gaming and how his play habits may be in direct contradiction to his decision making on what to play.

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