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Original Platform: Arcade
Released: 1987
Ports: Amiga/Amstrad/Commodore (microcomputers), DOS, PC-Engine-CD/Turbografx-CD (as Fighting Street)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Digital Release/Re-Release: PS2/Xbox/PSP (as Capcom Classics Collection), Wii Virtual Console (US/JP/EU)
Series/Sequels: Street Fighter
Approx Value (according to Price Charting, US Turbografx-CD version): $22.90 (L), $49.95 (CIB), $69.90 (S)


High Score Cheats (TG-CD/PCE-CD Only): When you get a high score, you can enter the following initials for special unlockables.  To enable the unlocked code, enter the initials mentioned below, wait for the timer to run down and return back to the title screen, then hold Left + II + I and press Select.  This will enable the cheat.  Here are the initials and respective cheats:

  • .AS: Stage Select
  • .HU 7 credits
  • .LK Special moves cheat.  In game, press toward (enemy) + Select to throw a Fireball, away + Select for Hurricane Kick, and Down+towards for Dragon Punch.
  • .SD Unlocks all three cheats

Written by Fred Rojas

August 11, 2015 at 11:53 am

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