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Retro Game Night: Adventures of Lolo and Joe & Mac

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This week’s retro game night had two requested classics:

First up is the puzzle platformer from Kirby developer HAL Laboratories (also where Nintendo CEO Iwata got his start) entitled Adventures of Lolo.  This title predates Kirby’s Adventure by a few years, but the basic concept of his design are very apparent (Lolo and girlfriend Lala are also enemies in a Kirby title).  Requested way back when in our forums by IzzleMoxle, here’s an NES classic:

Immediately following is our second title, the action platformer Joe & Mac (sometimes with the subtitle Caveman Ninjas) on the SNES.  As a near launch title, this is one of many arcade ports that showed off Nintendo’s 16-bit console’s big impressive sprites while somewhat showing off its impressive Sony sound chip.  I remember dumping hours into what is a moderately difficult, but wonderfully addictive game:

If you would like to see a classic game played for retro game night or beaten for our occasional retro game challenges, just hit me up in the contact section.

Written by Fred Rojas

June 29, 2013 at 9:45 am