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Lost Treasures of Gaming: Oddworld Munch’s Oddysey

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This week Lost Treasures of Gaming had Lorne Lanning of Oddworld Inhabitants on to discuss the series of Oddworld games.  Fred goes into a little background of each before delving right into the first couple of levels in Oddworld Munch’s Oddysey HD on the Playstation 3.

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Written by Fred Rojas

March 20, 2016 at 11:00 am

Podcast: Genre Study – Platformers (Part 2)

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This week Fred and Jam wrap up the platformer genre study.  They start with analysis the 16-bit era, which many consider to be the pinnacle of 2D platforming, and then move on to 3D.  3D platformers were an interesting impasse in that they marked the future of game technology and design while also making way for a strong batch of platformers that refused the third dimension.

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