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Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Review

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You know, I was actually really looking forward to playing through Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. I thought to myself, “sure I’ll be part of the problem and buy this game I already own,” and the fact that the physical copy also came with Resident Evil Remake (in glorious HD) only sweetened the deal. I am a Resident Evil fan and I am not ashamed to a admit it.  Has time been good to Resident Evil 0? This review will explore how the game stacks up on today’s consoles.

resident_evil_zero_n64_prototypeThe background of this game is something that has always fascinated me mostly surrounding its release and how things in gaming were back then. Originally pitched for the N64 and getting as far as a prototype being made for the train segment of the game, this was Nintendo inviting Capcom to team up for the first time since those cool Mega Man games and Disney titles on the NES/SNES. In an offered deal, the two companies had planned for a Resident Evil game that will come out nowhere else. Well this invitation did intrigue Capcom and especially sat well with Shinji Mikami (the creator of the series). Capcom would go on to develop three exclusive Resident Evil games for the Gamecube as well as release three other cannon titles on the platform as well. The exclusives were Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 4, arguably two titles that became incredibly memorable, and inbetween this we saw the release of Resident Evil 0 (Zero). This game really was Capcom’s last hurrah of the pre-rendered background style game with a fixed camera and those tank controls which we all just love to joke about today. It was also the last game in the series where you could get mad about a key taking up an entire slot in our inventory. After this game things changed dramatically with Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 0 was released at a time were people were a little burned out on the traditional style of the series (and it had been in development almost 5 years when it came out) so although it received decent reviews, it is often considered a low point.

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Written by jamalais

February 25, 2016 at 11:00 am

Capcom Confirms Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

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It was bound to happen, if only because all the texture and sprite work from the Gamecube era was already done, but Capcom finally revealed it will be making an HD Remaster of Resident Evil Zero (Biohazard 0 in Japan).  This comes on the cusp of the success of Resident Evil HD Remaster, which was developed also on the Gamecube using the same engine.  Many had speculated it was coming and some even reported before the official word from Capcom, but we waited until that actually was announced today to report on it.  Releasing in early 2016 on the same platforms as this year’s remaster (360/PS3/PC/PS4/XB1) we’re betting it will get the similar digital only treatment and $20 price tag but that has yet to be announced.  The link above also provides a video from Koji Oda, the director of Resident Evil Zero, that’s a bit charming.

Written by Fred Rojas

May 26, 2015 at 1:01 pm