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Podcast: Data Easy Meets West

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No it’s not a typo (just an inside joke), but we are actually talking about Data East and Data West.  This includes the games they developed, published, and even the pinball titles available.  It may not seem it, but Data East was a limited and significant developer of the mid-late 80s and just about all of the 90s.

Special thanks to Retronauts Episode 88 (1up Run), Brandon Sheffield (and his blog/podcast Insert Credit), as well as Topless Robot for your Data East and extensive Data West information.

Also be sure to check out the ASCII RPG/roguelike Sanctuary, for free, at the following address:

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Written by Fred Rojas

June 25, 2014 at 12:50 pm

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  1. I don’t get how you could say Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja started the brawler, when before that there was Kung Fu Master in 1984, Renegade in 1986, Double Dragon in 1987 and Shinobi (which you even made reference to) also in 1987. There were others too, those four were the most popular…

    And on the subject of Robocop, contrary to what Fred says in this episode, all Ocean home computer versions of Robocop were NOT conversions of the NES version.

    The 16 bit versions were in fact ports of the Arcade game, while the 8 bit versions were baased on scenes from the movie, such as level 2 being based on the scene where a crook holds a girl hostage and Robo has to shoot the crook, and ED209 is only fought once in the game, partway though the second load (level 6).

    I don’t know about the other 8 bit versions, but the C64 version had a digi sample of “Robocop” when you started the game and then on the very last level, if you accidentally shot the company president you would hear “Protect the innocent” right before the game over tune played.

    Sparky Kestrel

    December 17, 2018 at 9:24 pm

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