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Retro Game Night: Sega CD Marathon-athon Part 2

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This week we continue the Sega CD Marathon-athon with two titles.  Fred spends way too long trying to conquer Corpse Killer for the CD 32X (needs both consoles) and then mellows out to Dracula Unleashed.


Written by Fred Rojas

October 18, 2014 at 11:47 am

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  1. That is really cool. Just made me break out the old stack and fire it all up..Gen1/CD1/32x, all still working fine and not looking it’s 20+ years of existence.
    Which reminds me
    This Christmas season celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the Sega 32x. The first console version of Doom, etc. This dawned on me as I played Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter and Doom.
    And this next chapter singles out what became the biggest Turkey on earth, nonetheless I loved the Sega Saturn. To this day remembering the pictures I saw of its early uncapped Japanese console that had the fan located in the left front corner. Later after the debacle with Sony and a retooling of the Saturn internally those images changed, gone was the fan though a hole remained and things had been rearranged on the back end on top of the battery section amongst other chips. I had bought any and all publications of EGM and others that in those days went in depth with pictures of things to come. I wish I had kept them, but did keep most of everything from 1994 on to around 2000 when my console life died. The Dreamcast was the end of the road for me and I never looked back. No Xbox or anything after as I had been sucker-punched for nearly a decade already. I went to tech school, built my first PC as XP was released, the dawn of the ATi 8500 AGP, the Tualatin core Celeron 1.2 based on a PIII, Sound blaster 5.1, etc. Good times those were. Simple too, yet times change….
    It’s cool to be able to go back and revisit the past. Yet to this day I still believe they wrecked the Sega. It could have been so much more if Sega US could’ve been better managed. Just my two cents.
    Thank You for all of your hard work. I really like the channel.
    Chris Chandler

    Chris Chandler

    October 19, 2014 at 10:51 pm

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