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Podcast: Bringin’ It Back – Reboots (Part 1)

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As times change so do video games with developers and publishers scrambling to keep up.  There are several ways to handle a classic franchise presented to a contemporary audience, which is fully covered in at the beginning of the show.  Of the most scrutinized is the reboot.  In this episode Jam and Fred debate the definition of a reboot and then get into the many attempts that have been made in the world of gaming to make what is old become new again.

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Documentary: G4’s “Icons” The History of Doom and Making of Doom 3

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0:00-21:59 – G4’s “Icons” Documentary on Doom and the Making of Doom 3
22:00 – 26:23 – Developer Interviews
26:23 – 30:08 – Concept Art and Creature Development

Back when G4 was a thing, the channel would often delve into these short half hour documentaries on the making of upcoming games. Companies liked to include these documentaries in special editions of Xbox games. One of those is found on the special edition of Doom 3 for the original Xbox.

While it’s an interesting look at Doom 3, I have to apologize for the quality, which is a blown up and upscaled version of the video on the disc. That video takes up a small portion of real estate on the screen and the Xbox only outputs it at 480p. Either way, it’s fun and interesting so lets take a look at G4’s coverage of the History of Doom and the Making of Doom 3.

Written by Fred Rojas

May 12, 2016 at 11:00 am