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Final Fight Retrospective and Version Comparison – All Ports Analyzed

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Capture Information
– Arcade version captured in MAME via VGA with aspect ratio integer scaling at 1080p60.
– SNES versions captured on Analogue Super NT via HDMI at 1080p60 with cross reference to standard SNES for performance comparison.
– Microcomputers all captured on RetroArch emulation via VGA with integer scaling at 1080p60.
– Sega CD/Mega CD captured on actual hardware with RGB via SCART cable out 240p upscaled via XRGB mini framemeister to 1080p60 using FirebrandX profile.
– NES footage captured on RetroUSB AVS console via HDMI at 720p60 using actual cartridges with cross reference to standard NES for performance.
– GBA footage captured on Gameboy Advance Player official software for initial Haggar scenes at 480i and later on Gameboy Interface homebrew at 240p and upscaled via XRGB mini framemeister to 1080p60. All captures made with S-Video cable.
– Xbox footage captured via component cables at 480p and integer scaled to 960p by XRGB mini framemeister.
– PSP footage captured at 240p (PSP 3000 via component cables with “interlaced” setting to get 240p) and upscaled via XRGB min framemeister to 1080p60.
– PS2 footage captured via component cables at 480i and then deinterlaced and upscaled via XRGB mini to 1080p60 (it appears some combing artifacts were present and not removed, reason unknown).
– Xbox 360 footage captured via HDMI at 1080p60 on actual hardware.

Special Thanks:
– Kerwin Sheldon at Tokkoro for wallpaper:
– The Cutting Room Floor:
– YouTube user FortunaChan: ( for his SNES Industrial Area glitched video.
– A View Askew Blog is found at:

Written by Fred Rojas

December 31, 2018 at 11:00 am

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Podcast: Bringin’ It Back – Reboots (Part 1)

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As times change so do video games with developers and publishers scrambling to keep up.  There are several ways to handle a classic franchise presented to a contemporary audience, which is fully covered in at the beginning of the show.  Of the most scrutinized is the reboot.  In this episode Jam and Fred debate the definition of a reboot and then get into the many attempts that have been made in the world of gaming to make what is old become new again.

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Podcast: Top Scores, Volume 2

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Video game soundtracks are as varied and nostalgic as the games themselves.  Sometimes just hearing a few bars from a classic tune brings the memories of playing that game rushing back.  Thanks to the community and a handful of personal selections, Fred and Jam present a collection of nostalgic favorites.

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Track List:

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Review: Final Fight CD (Sega CD)

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Console: Sega-CD/Mega-CD
Released: 1993
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Sega (Sega/Mega-CD, 32X CD)
Instruction Manual: Not necessary
Difficulty: Hard
Played it as a child? Yes
Value: $21.50 (used) $76.00 (new) ( – Price for Sega CD version only
Price: $23-$60 (used) N/A on US Version (new) on eBay
Other Releases: Arcade, SNES, Gameboy Advance
Digital Release? Yes – SNES version on Virtual Console ($8), Arcade version on XBLA/PSN as Double Impact ($10)

Final Fight is a pivotal late 80s arcade release for Capcom for two reasons: it established the norms that would make up the concept of the “beat-em-up” genre for its short-lived life (although it oddly enough didn’t introduce any of them) and it created the aesthetic and building blocks of Street Fighter II.  Anyone who has played this game or SFII will immediately be familiar with that semi-realistic semi-animated graphical style of Final Fight that remained exclusive to these two titles moving forward for a few sequels (I’m considering the numerous re-hashes of SFII to be sequels).  In full disclosure this is my favorite brawler of all time and definitely ranks highly in my overall top games I’ve ever played despite the fact that Final Fight doesn’t translate well to home consoles because it’s intended to take your money and prompt more quarters rather than be completed in a finite number of lives/credits.  In order to complete the game in the allotted five credits requires you to memorize the cheaper boss battles and exploit the collision detection.  For me it was just repetitive stupid fun.

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Written by Fred Rojas

November 5, 2012 at 1:33 pm