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VGP Ep. 112: Sum 41 Rules

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Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend and Canadian pop punk bands, as it should be.

  • 09:45 Trees’ Week
  • 19:25 Fred’s Week
  • 45:00 Listener Mail
  • 1:24:25 Fight Night Champion
  • 1:25:30 Bomberman World
  • 1:30:40 Xbox Cloud Gaming (Dragon Quest Builders II)
  • 1:39:40 Retro Game Collection App
  • 1:44:35 Cyberpunk 2077
  • 2:10:55 Elden Ring

Written by Fred Rojas

June 3, 2022 at 11:00 am

E3 2019: Xbox Impressions

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Click on image to be taken to the briefing stream.

Fred is joined by Andy (42 Level One), Chip (The B-Team), Chase (Scarcasm Live), and special guest Normii to discuss Microsoft’s massive plans for the next year.


Want to just read all the announcements as bullet points?  Click here.