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Halloween Special 2019

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In a massive nearly 6 hour episode we get some friends, old and new, to join into some old school video game love. The schedule (in case you want to skip portions) is as follows:
0:00 – 20:20: Intro From Fred (including great custom music)
20:21 – 40:35: For the Love of the Ghostbusters by Los
40:36 – 01:24:36: The History of Splatterhouse by Fred
01:24:37 – 04:32:44: Top 10 Horror Video Games of All Time with Fred, Chase, and Austin
04:32:45 – 05:28:45: Good Horror Movies with Bad Video Game Adaptations by Fred
We will be having more consistent content in the future, thanks for your continued support.


Written by Fred Rojas

October 31, 2019 at 7:19 pm