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Vampyr Review

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Being a vampire isn’t at all what I imagined. After falling victim to the embrace I awoke with all knowledge of who I had been in my past life.  In my previous life I was Dr. Jonathan Reid and my area of medical study was both in hematology (the study of blood) and trauma surgery.  I was a risk taker and had achieved renown and contempt for my tactics in transfusion.  This all assisted me in getting a job at the Pembroke Hospital, a London-based institution that has a reputation similar to my own, and attempt to help the people there. That’s right, I’m helping humans get medical attention and curing what ails them.  It is the year 1918 and the city is plagued by the aftermath of the Great War, which still wages on, and the Spanish Flu is taking more lives every day with increased effectiveness.  On top of all of this monsters roam about the streets at night, and not just vampires either.  In these times the relationships you establish are key, the politics of both the human and vampire world are always a consideration, and it’s fair to say something apocalyptic may be afoot.  This is Vampyr.

The newest game from studio Dontnod, known previously for Remember Me and Life is Strange, is going all in on the skills it has developed for in the past and combining them into an open world action RPG that leverages story to propel things forward.  Whereas quest givers and NPCs can be seen as somewhat throwaway or in the least dismissed after their vignettes, no one in Vampyr is forgotten after you meet them unless you will it so.  The beginning of the game will introduce you to nearly a dozen characters, each with their own story, background, thoughts, opinions, and connections to other characters.  Getting to know everyone is an arduous task that will surely make up the first two to three hours of your game, but fortunately all of the pertinent details you receive are kept organized and available to you in your notebook.  Unlike other vampire tales, every person you meet is key to the continuation of your story and will assist you at getting to your next goals, just not necessarily the way you might expect.  Along the way you will open up more districts to the point that your cast is roughly 40 characters that you should consistently manage the health, relationships, and well being should you need them in the future.  And trust me, you may need them in the future.

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Written by Fred Rojas

June 4, 2018 at 5:00 pm

E3 2017: GHX Ep. 11 – What Did You Play?

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The biggest split between those that attend E3 and those that watch coverage online is the show itself.  Aside from this year, E3 online usually ends on Monday when all the press conferences happen and the big announcements stop.  For those that attend the show it’s the exact opposite with most missing the press conferences due to lack of invite or decent Internet, but you’ll be able to play many of the games on the actual show floor.  In this “returning from E3” episode, Fred and Jam are joined by guests Andy (42 Level One, Agents of Shieldcast) and Chip (The B-Team Podcast, Agents of Shieldcast, Knuckleballer Radio) to discuss the games Fred actually played at E3.  There’s plenty of discussion to be had and lots of insight on what we’ll be seeing in late 2017/early 2018.  Note: This episode has no audio anomalies and a sound quality on par with what you have come to expect from our podcasts.

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