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Podcast: Gameboy Top 10

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As is per usual for us here at GH101, 40 games enter (20 from each host), and 10 leave.  It’s nostalgic, it’s arbitrary, we may annoy due to the lack of Pokemon, but it’s our official Top 10 Gameboy games.

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Horror Obscura 2016: Avenging Spirit

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When it come to the obscure and horror games I really like to search out the titles you may have never heard of and today’s game is no different.

Avenging Spirit – I have seen this title floating around on the 3DS virtual console for quite some time and decided to recently pull the trigger on it. This is a Game Boy game released in 1991. You play a nameless character who has been gunned down by the mob and who’s girlfriend has been kidnapped. You wake to find this whole mess was your girlfriends fathers fault as the mob wanted to obtain his research on ghost energy. The father now has the balls to ask you to rescue your girlfriend before you fade away into the afterlife. Oh did I mention you’re now an adorable cuddly looking ghost? Yeah the story of Avenging Spirit sounds a lot darker than its appearance would lead you to believe.

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Written by jamalais

November 3, 2016 at 11:00 am