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Podcast: Gameboy Top 10

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As is per usual for us here at GH101, 40 games enter (20 from each host), and 10 leave.  It’s nostalgic, it’s arbitrary, we may annoy due to the lack of Pokemon, but it’s our official Top 10 Gameboy games.

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Lost Treasures of Gaming: Boulder Dash (NES)

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A classic on consoles, microcomputers, and arcades alike, Boulder Dash took many concepts from the past and turned them into a puzzle game all its own.  Whether you’re watching for falling objects coming from most directions or avoiding enemies to unleash a flurry of rocks at them, Boulder Dash keeps you on your toes.  This week Syd and Sean interviewed developer Chris Gray and I got an opportunity to dig out my old NES copy.

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Written by Fred Rojas

March 5, 2016 at 11:00 am