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Secret of Mana Review

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som_boxPlatform: Super NES
Released: 1993 (Japan, US) 1994 (Europe)
Developer: Squaresoft (aka Square)
Publisher: Square
Digital Release? Yes, Secret of Mana is available on the Wii Virtual Console for $8.00 or iOS/Android for $3.99
Price: $45.75 (cart only), $99.99 (complete), and $999.99 (new/sealed) per Price Charting

Please Note: As discussed in both reviews, we played through this game on the Wii Virtual Console and not the SNES.

Jam’s Take

This year I’m finally catching playing games on that much loved system, the Super Nintendo. So far I’ve been very happy with the games I have played. Earlier in the year on GH101 I managed to finally playthrough the fantastic Super Metroid. Its amazing how well these games play today despite never owning a SNES back when I was younger and better looking. For this November/December game club I played through Secret of Mana. This game is uncommon and kind of forgotten in Europe.  Released from Squaresoft the game came out very late in the SNES life cycle, so its time to get ready to grind and see how Secret of Mana fairs today.  Since I don’t own a SNES I played through Secret of Mana on the Wii virtual console.

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January 1, 2015 at 11:00 am

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Podcast: Secret of Mana Game Club

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This week Fred and Jam re-live the adventures of Hero, Girl, and Sprite as they uncover the mana sword and take on a dark empire.  Originally developed as the first SNES Playstation CD game, business decisions obviously forced this back onto a cartridge with impressive results.  Oh yeah, and we never played it in full until now.

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Written by Fred Rojas

December 31, 2014 at 11:00 am

Podcast: Top Scores, Volume 2

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Video game soundtracks are as varied and nostalgic as the games themselves.  Sometimes just hearing a few bars from a classic tune brings the memories of playing that game rushing back.  Thanks to the community and a handful of personal selections, Fred and Jam present a collection of nostalgic favorites.

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Track List:

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