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Podcast: Super Metroid Game Club

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This week Fred and Jam tackle the beloved SNES title Super Metroid.  Building upon the fantastic foundation of the original, many consider this title to be their favorite game of all time.  Well neither of us had ever played it, so we gave it the old college try 20 years after release.  

This episode features songs from the album Peace in Space by Maddy Myers (with permission).  You can find it available for purchase at: These tracks are highly recommended and were selected by Gaming History 101 with no advertising or promotional compensation.
Mid-episode break: Ridley’s Theme by Maddy Myers
Closing: Meditation by Maddy Myers

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Written by Fred Rojas

May 7, 2014 at 11:00 am

Retro Game Night: Super Metroid

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In honor of the April game club, Fred’s giving Super Metroid a try for the first time ever.  Regarded as easily one of the strongest titles on the SNES, if not of all time, I get started to see what all the fuss is about with the title that is responsible for the “Metroid” in “MetroidVania“.

Written by Fred Rojas

April 5, 2014 at 3:00 pm

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Podcast: Top Scores

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This week Fred flies solo again and he’s celebrating his favorite songs from video game soundtracks.  The entire history of games is reflected from 8-bit and 16-bit to the glory of CDs and red book audio.  Kick back with a good time wasting game and enjoy a journey through gaming’s musical past.

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Podcast: The Final Countdown – Part 3

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We continue our Final Countdown series that swaps the wonderful stories associated with some of the most beloved games of all time.  We still couldn’t quite wrap it up, but we crank through games 39-10 and break down some of the biggest titles ever released.  This time around Fred from Gaming History 101 is joined by Trees from EZ Mode Unlocked and Jake/Jacob from Gameranx.

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